Out in Guangzhou

July 23, 2007

I took Xiang Yi this morning for her first dip in the pool. She loved the water. We stayed in the kiddie pool area, and I showed her how to kick her legs in the water. I am so pleased that she is not afraid of it.

Our guide took us for a tour today of the Six Banyan Temple. It was really pretty, and if you weren’t too close, the incense smelled really nice. Elvin (our guide) got some incence for us and we wished Xiang Yi to have a happy and healthy life. He is such a dear man, and has the best intentions.

We also walked through downtown Guangzhou and on to the Pearl Market. The place is just so overwhelming. We went to a store that our family visited last year, I joked to the sales lady about giving me a good price because I am a good friend. (And I said it in Chinese!) Elvin gets a kick out of me speaking Chinese. I am sure I butcher the language quite a bit, but he is kind and just smiles at me.

Tomorrow is our last day in China, and we will fly to Hong Kong early Wednesday morning, then to Chicago and then home. It will no doubt be a long day, but I am ready for us to be home and a family of five!



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