July 21, 2007

Xiang Yi and I arrived into Guangzhou late yesterday evening. We were both wiped out. On the way to the airport our guide picked up KFC for dinner. I ordered popcorn chicken and mashed potatoes for both of us. Xiang Yi was hungry so she ate on the way to the airport. She loved the chicken and offered me a bite of hers. I took a little bite and almost died. It tasted like they had sprinkled Tabasco sauce all over it. It didnít faze Xiang Yi. Her nose was running while she was eating it, but she hardly had to get a drink. I couldnít eat mine, so she finished mine off as well.

We had a little bit of a wait before we boarded our plane and she loved standing at the big window watching the planes take off and land. We boarded and I buckled my seatbelt and showed her how to buckle hers. She refused to, so I helped her with it. She panicked and had a meltdown over wearing it. I had to hold the seat belt closed for about 10 minutes while she screamed. She finally settled down when she knew I wasnít going to let her take it off. Her attitude completely changed once they brought out the airline snack. It had cherry tomatoes, and a type of pickle that smelled like vinegar. She loved everything, and I have learned that tomatoes are her favorite. She can make a meal out of cherry tomatoes. The gentleman that was sitting next to me was so kind. When he saw how much she liked the food he gave her his snack. We arrived at the White Swan Hotel at 10pm, and we were both totally exhausted.

This morning we had our clinic appointment that is required before we leave China. Xiang Yi was scared but was compliant with the checkup. One of the doctors examined her legs and called the chief doctor of the clinic to come and look. They had some discussion and said that one leg was longer than the other as well as whatever is actually wrong with them. She then listened to Xiang Yiís heart, and took an extremely long time listening. She called the chief doctor over again to have him listen. They had some heated discussion and I started getting nervous. I called our guide over to tell me what they were saying. He said that they believe Xiang Yi has a heart condition as well. I really have no idea what exactly is wrong, but I know we will find out soon enough when we get home. When Elvin (our guide) told me this I almost broke down crying. My poor baby has been through so much in her life, and I hate this for her. Praise God that she is coming home and will receive the best medical care possible.

For lunch Xiang Yi and I shared spaghetti. She loves spaghetti. She has started rolling it around on her fork like I do, and I get a kick at how she mimics what I do. We came back to the hotel and slept until 5pm. I think we both needed it. I have been feeling a little dizzy and nauseous today, and I think it is just from the lack of sleep and food. I am feeling a little better this evening.

Tomorrow we are going to do a little shopping and I am going to try to introduce her to the swimming pool. I hope she enjoys it.

I donít have any pictures to post today, but promise to get some tomorrow. Please continue to pray for Xiang Yiís health and our safe return home.



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