Embroidery Museum and Factory

July 19, 2007

This morning we went to the Embroidery Museum and Factory. I have been looking forward to seeing the Hunan embroidery, as I have cross-stitched for many years and know how time consuming this kind of work can be. After seeing these ladies work, I am embarrassed to try to put myself in the same category. And I am sure they would get a good chuckle seeing the work that I have done.

I thought that Xiang Yi would be ok with this kind of outing. I told Peter to tell her what we were going to do so that she wouldnít get nervous again. He told her, but I donít think she really understood what exactly we were going to see. When we got in the car, I put Xiang Yi on my lap and had my hand on her chest. Her heart was racing. I kept her close to me, but you could tell she was scared to death. Peter kept talking to her, but she wouldnít even look at him. We got to the museum, and since we got there right when it opened the air conditioner hadnít been turned on yet, and it was hotter than all get out. I held Xiang Yi, my backpack and camera, as I was determined to get some pictures of her outside of the hotel. I have never sweated so much as I have in the past 3 days. It hasnít been bad carrying Xiang Yi around, because she weighs just a little more than Katherine, and I carry her around all the time. But I am not used to the heat. Once we were in the museum for about 15 minutes and I was looking at all of the artwork she opened up again, and was pointing at pieces that she wanted to see. We then got to see where the ladies do the work. It was absolutely amazing. I canít imagine doing that kind of work all day long. The ladies smiled at us, but they didnít approach us and kept working. Peter stepped out to make a phone call so I put her down and was able to get a couple of pictures of her. I bought a few pieces of artwork for her to have when she is older, and we headed back to the hotel.

On the way back Xiang Yi started getting nervous again, and I could tell that she wasnít feeling well. She had this look of pain, and a little cough. I knew it would be only a matter a time before she threw up. Peter dropped us off and we got to the door of our hotel room and she threw up. She was holding it in as long as she could. It absolutely breaks my heart to see her struggling like this. I laid her on the bed and put a cool washcloth on her forehead, and in a little while she was up and feeling fine. I have decided that we are done venturing out of the hotel until we leave for the airport for Guangzhou tomorrow evening. I think it will be better once we are in Guangzhou as our guide there was the same gentleman that was our guide last year when we were here. He is such a wonderful kind hearted man, and our family thinks the world of him. I am hoping that in his gentle way the three of us will be able to communicate how much our family loves her, and that she will never be without again. Michelle


July 19, 2007
Xiang Yi's pictures are so beautiful! Those will be a real treasure for her. It sounds like you had quite an adventure yesterday (today??)! You are doing such a great job with her. I know it is hard being the one and only and you are taking great care of her. How fun that you'll have Elvin again!! Please tell him we say hello. Things will settle down once you get to Guangzhou - remember both the girls were better once we got there. We are praying for a smooth trip to Guangzhou.
July 19, 2007
The pictures from the photography studio are beautiful. Even though she isn't smiling they turned out wonderful. Elisabeth never smiled in any of the pictures that were taken of her but they are pictures we will cherish forever. I'm sure you will do the same with Xiang Yi's pictures. She has the most beautiful lips! I know you will be ready to leave Changsha and move on to Guangzhou for the last leg of the trip before coming home. We pray that the flight from Changsha to Guangzhou will be smooth and non-eventful. We pray for peace for Xiang Yi so she knows she is coming home to her forever family. And what a great family it is! Looking forward to meeting her!

Stephanie Blomberg

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