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July 18, 2007

This morning Xiang Yi and I had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel buffet. She had boiled eggs, ham, yogurt, and corn on the cob. I was so happy to see her eating well, but worried a little that it would upset her stomach and possibly make her sick again. I have been so hungry on this trip. I think it has just been nerves until today, worrying that I would forget an important document that I needed for our Civil Affairs appointment yesterday. Now that that is over, and she is officially our daughter I am eating, and resting a little better. This morning the buffet had French toast and bacon of all things and I thought I had died on gone to heaven. Xiang Yi and I sat next to two other adoptive families this morning at breakfast. It was so nice having the company, and conversation.

After breakfast, our guide took us to a photography studio that makes these wonderful traditional Chinese portraits and they put the pictures into a hardback book. They are really special, and I have been looking forward to doing this for Xiang Yi. Well, she was giggly and happy until we walked in and the ladies started crowding around her and talking to her all at once. It was a little overwhelming. I thought though that she would warm up to the idea of getting her picture made, since she loves for me to take her picture. Plus she would get to dress up in a beautiful Chinese outfit and be pampered for an hour. She hated it. Once again she just shut down. Peter, my guide was so sweet to try to get her to smile, but she just wouldn’t. I put her clothes back on and we went downstairs, to look at the digital pictures right away and pick the ones I wanted for the book. Even with her not smiling, she is a breathtakingly beautiful little girl. She sat in my lap, and once she saw the pictures she looked at me and smiled. She was once again her smiling little self. I was making her laugh at her frowning in one picture, and Peter thought it was funny that she was smiling once it was all over.

Peter also commented that most adoptive older children Xiang Yi’s age gravitate to him and other Chinese people, and avoid their parents. He said Xiang Yi is just the opposite; she only wants to be with me. He was surprised and pleased to see this. He then took us to a children’s clothing store so I could buy Xiang Yi a few more outfits. She is just so tiny, that some of the things I brought just fall off of her. She is barely a 4t. She is napping now, and I am so thankful that she doesn’t have the sleep issues that Katherine has. She is a really sound sleeper. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow we will visit the Embroidery Museum. Hunan province is known for its embroidery all of over the world, and I am looking forward to seeing something in Changsha. We really haven’t gotten out too much in Changsha, as I think it is just too much stimulation for Xiang Yi right now, and I hate the way people stare at her when she is walking on her own.

Thank you all for your encouraging messages and emails. It means so much to our family.

Michelle and Xiang Yi


July 18, 2007
Oh Michelle, Xiany Yi is, as you say, simply beautiful and certainly picture perfect! I am so happy that she is a good sleeper! She seems very happy to be with her new mom and looking forward to meeting her new family! My thoughts have been constantly with you in China, for your health and safety and for Xiang Yi's as well. She just has NO idea how blessed she now is to have you for her mother and to have that very special family waiting for her! Can't wait to meet her and to see Hunter and Katherine again! See you soon, dear one! Love and blessings, Janet
July 18, 2007
We are so glad to hear how well things are going! The kids were excited to see the pictures and Olivia thinks it's great that Xiang Yi has a dolly like hers. She has stared and stared at the picture of you and Xiang Yi in the Civil Affairs office. She said, "Mommy, Mrs. Smith got her now!"
I can't wait to see her pictures from the studio - I know they will be beautiful!

July 18, 2007
Michelle, I wish I was with you, helping you! I'm thrilled to see these marvelous and joyous pictures! I love her already! Alex and I are in OUR hotel room in Nashville, where things are going great. Our blog is www.pageantdays.blogspot.com Hope you can follow us, too! We can't wait to see your precious oldest daughter!!! I'm praying protection for you both. Love you!
July 19, 2007
Xiang Yi is stunning in her blue qi pao. I think you are doing the right thing by keeping her from too much of the public eye. Your journals are wonderful, and I can really take myself bac
k to Changsha. Isn't the embroidery incredible! What about the two-sided ones!!? God really knew what He was doing when he chose Xiang Yi for your family. We are really looking forward to meeting her when you return. Halle has agreed to help her learn English! Miss babble queen herself!!
Love and hugs from all of us,
Angie and the gang.

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