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July 17, 2007

This morning, we went down for breakfast and after breakfast, we went outside to see this huge waterfall that is in the hotel parking entrance. I saw a bunch of women dancing a little ways down the street so we headed over there. The music was so nice, and the ladies were so happy dancing with each other. I started dancing with Xiang Yi, as I held her and she smiled and all the ladies smiled as well. It was such a beautiful memory. I will never forget it.

When we got to the Civil Affairs office, all of the windows were closed and there was no air conditioning. It was unbearable. We were there for 1 and half hours. As soon as we walked into the building Xiang Yi shut down, and wouldn't talk to anyone and didn't want to have anything to do with anyone. She didn't want me to hold her or comfort her; she just wanted to sit alone. I asked Peter to ask her if she was feeling ok. She just started crying. We went to different offices in the building and I thought it would never end. I just wanted to get her out of there. A little later she just started crying really hard and I was worried about her, and took her to the bathroom. I told Peter that we needed to hurry this along because she got very sick, and he rushed them to get everything else done quickly.

The moment we stepped back into the hotel room she was her happy sweet self. I gave her a bubble bath and she loved it. She is lying on the bed right now, playing with her stickers and happy again. We just need to continue to be very low key, so our visit to the orphanage is out of the question.

We ordered room service for lunch. She loved this. She ate really well. Then I told her (I hope) that it was time for bed in Chinese. She wanted to play and then settled down for a nap and slept really well. I even got some sleep.

We so appreciate your prayers, as this is such a stressful trip. Please pray for healing for Xiang Yi and strength for our family.

With Love, Michelle and Xiang Yi


July 17, 2007
I am thinking and praying every day for you. Emily is such a pretty girl I can't wait to meet her. Obviously she loves her new dolls! Gracie has been very interested in your photos, keep them coming!
July 17, 2007
Michelle - Xiang Yi is so beautiful!! This is my first time to see the pictures - we forgot to take your website address to TX. I am praising God that she is so comfortable with you. I am again in awe of the miracle that adoption is. We are praying for you guys in China and for your family here at home. Olivia is very excited that Katherine has a big sister and we are all anxious to meet her. Hang in there and eat some boiled lettuce for us!

the Harmon family
July 18, 2007
I am very happy for you and for Xiang Yi. She was scared to death when she was back where the nannies dropped her and she was angry with you because she thought you were giving her back... I read your entries with tears. My heart breaks for her past in the meanwhile smiles for her present and her future... Michelle, you are such an incredible mother. I love your whole family!! Very happy for Emily and the life awaits her here in the States.

Get through this week smoothly... Once you are in GZ, things will get better, at least food wise... :-)

Please take care of yourself. We want you home safely and healthily.

Praying for you...


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