We Made it to Guangzhou

May 13, 2006

We have made it to Guangzhou and are staying at the White Swan Hotel.

The White Swan is a very nice hotel where MANY families stay that are adopting babies. Everywhere you look there are little children all with new families. It is so nice to be here and not be such an oddity. In Taiyuan, it was becoming a little uncomfortable in the way people would stop and stare at us. We knew they were just curious, but the regard here for personal space is so different in this culture and it is something we just have not been able to get used to yet.

At one point on the way to the airport today, Katherine stopped and looked out the window of the van and very clearly said “Bye-Bye”. Now, we are not sure if she truly understands the significance of what she said or even understood what she was saying, but it certainly touched all the three of us, knowing that she is saying “bye-bye” to the only life she has known and “hello” to a whole new world that will overflow with love.

Katherine slept through her first plane ride and Hunter, as always, was the great “world traveler”

The majority of the day was an uneventful travel day; however Katherine continues to make big improvements. (God is so good) She seems like a whole new baby in the way she will smile and laugh for us. She has also finally found her legs and just loves to walk back and forth from MaMa to Daddy … stopping long enough for hugs, kisses and giggles. She is also pointing at objects and trying to learn the names, she is a curious little girl about all her new surroundings.

Her sleep is still fitful and MaMa is the only one that can console her at night, but we pray this too will start to improve shortly.

We had a really good dinner that was much more like Chinese food we would eat at home.

We do want to send a deep, heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who has been following our journal. We have truly felt the love and prayers.

With Love from China
The Smith Family


May 13, 2006
June' comment just made me remember it is indeed Mother's Day wkend and your first with that little sweetie! God is good indeed! I love that Hunter made her smile with jumping on the bed. Katherine is going to love him so much so very soon. All of his animations will make her laugh like no adult could ever do. I'm sure that the tiredness is setting in so we will also pray for good sleep and much strength for all. Lot's of love, The Sigmons
May 13, 2006
You are on the final leg home!! It sounds like Katherine is starting to blossom, it is so neat to hear about her progress and see all of your smiles. May your final days in China be filled with many wonderful memories being made as a family of four. I pray that you will experience God's pleasure and his great delight for your family. Hurry home.
May 13, 2006
Hi all,
I remember our agency rep saying to us as we drove to meet our Andie. "Remember, the babies you meet today will be totally different from the babies they will be in one week." You are seeing your Katherine open up and show you herself. How wonderful! Continued best wishes.

angie meredith
May 14, 2006
Happy, happy Mother's Day, Michelle! We sure miss you all. Wesley LOVED the message from Hunter. I'm so glad to hear that Katherine is blossoming now. We can't wait to meet her. Love from the Merediths

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