Katherine is sick.

May 11, 2006

Our sweet little Katherine is very sick.

Hello all. Our sweet little Katherine is very sick. We emailed a pediatrician in Concord, NC that specializes in international adoption. He is a very kind Christian man that has been most helpful when we chose to adopt Katherine. We emailed him last night at around 1:00am our time, to let him know what was going on with Katherine and if he had any advice. He recommends we see a doctor when we get to Guanzhou on Saturday.

We are so concerned for her health right now. Fortunately, she was able to get some sleep last night and so was Hunter. Trey and I have slept about 3 hours in the past three days; we are worn down. My heart is breaking for Katherine to see her in such emotional and physical pain. We ask for your prayers of healing for her. Thank you all for your love.

The Smith Family


May 11, 2006
Hello all,
I'm so sorry the Katherine is sick. Lily was also very sick while we are in China. There is a very nice dr. at the White Swan hotel.

Please remember EVERYTHING she (and you) are going through is perfectly NORMAL. She so needs you continue to hold her as much as you can, and please take shifts so that each of you can get some rest. At about the 3rd or 4th day you should start seeing her come around.

You all are a great testimony to just how difficult this change is to these little ones and God placed you in her life for a reason. He will give you the strength that you so greatly need!

My love to you all, Melissa
May 11, 2006
Poor little Katherine. So much happening to her and she is sick too. You all are in our family's prayers every night. Besides the doctor at the hotel at the White Swan(more traditional Chinese medicine) there is a Canadian/American clinic at the Garden Hotel in Guangzou you can go to if you choose. I know this must be hard on poor Hunter too.
I love the picture of Trey and Katherine asleep together. That is just what she needs; to be held and secure that things won't be changing all over again.
I want to reiterate Melissa's words that you both take turns with Katherine so you too don't get ill and so that you have the patience and strength to get through this time.Both your kids need you and you have to take care of yourselves!

Hugs, Moya
carol diamond
May 11, 2006
My heart aches for you all. Please try to get some rest yourself so you can be able to deal with the stress. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and eagerly await updates. May God bless and keep you close during this time.
Love in Christ,
May 11, 2006
Please take care of yourself, Michelle and Trey. My prayers are with you now
more then ever.
Love you all,
Little sis
mom & dad
May 11, 2006
Please know that our prayers and thoughts remain with sweet Katherine. Trust in the Lord, for His will, will be done. Take care of yourselves and Hunter, for we love you all very much.
Mom & Dad

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