thought for the day…

i’m thankful

It’s been hard month.  Our family’s been hit with some unexpected and significant medical issues.  Issues that are life changing.

I sometimes feel like we’re being tested to see how we handle the things that are happening in our lives.  It’s overwhelming at times.

But when I start questioning the unfairness of it, or why this is happening, I find comfort in knowing that these diagnoses were caught early and we have good doctors who are helping us through these uncharted waters.  I’m thankful for my God who will see us through this like He always does.  I’m thankful for an amazing family and the closeness we share.  These trials test us, but they also make us stronger and have only brought our family closer together.

I’m choosing to be thankful.

competition season


Gymnastics competition season is in full swing for Caroline.  Her first meet of the season at
the new level was this weekend.  She did an amazing job.  She went up against girls who are
competing this level for the second year and held her own.  She placed 2nd on vault, 1st on bars
4th on beam, 3rd on floor and 2nd place on her all around score!
Way to go Caroline!

let the games begin

We’ve been making a concerted effort to save energy whenever we can.  We open the windows when it’s cool, turn off lights when we’re not using them and so on.

So when we got our power bill in the mail with a monthly progress report congratulating us on only spending $17 more than our most efficient neighbor, I was intrigued.  As hard as we’ve been working at it, there’s a neighbor who’s saving even more.  I told the kids and immediately they exclaimed, “We’re in 2nd place?”  (We’re a wee bit competitive.)  So let the energy saving games begin!

(I have a feeling now that the kids think this is a game we’ll come in first place next month!)

in loving memory

In loving memory of our old girl.  You are missed terribly.

the life of a gymnast

This is what Caroline looks like after a 4 hour practice at the gym; happy, tired and
needing to ice her legs.

good morning!

The air is cool and crisp this morning so I opened up the windows to get some fresh air
in the house before it started warming up.  As I opened the blinds I was greeted with
the prettiest sunrise I’ve seen in a long time.

Caroline and I decided to take a little walk down the street and take it all in.
(even if it was in our pajamas)
As we walked back to the house Caroline was smiling ear to ear.

I’m so thankful we decided step out and enjoy the moment.
Hope you have a wonderful week filled with unexpected treasures just waiting to be enjoyed.

frugal friday

It’s frugal Friday!  This week I picked up a lot of really good deals at the store.  I only purchased items in this shopping trip that were deeply discounted or free after using coupons.

I was pretty excited to come home with 6 pounds of ground beef, toilet paper, yogurt, produce, 12 cans of beans and some other odds and ends for $29.22, and saving $71.28 with coupons and sales.

Now, looking at this picture you may think, there’s no way her family can eat just that for a week.  You’re right.  When I shop at this particular grocery store they offer a lot of weekly sales and I purchase only what’s on sale.

A good example of how I keep our food costs low is cooking up all of this meat and freezing it into smaller portions to use in future weeks until it goes on sale again.  This enables us to keep our food budget low and put that extra money in savings.

she’s a teenager!

Katherine is 13 years old today!  She’s so excited and has been reminding us of this special day for quite some time.

When she opened her gifts this morning, she exclaimed, “This is the best day ever!”  And has been smiling from ear to ear ever since.

Happy birthday Katherine!  So glad this birthday was special for you!

homemade air freshener spray

I‘ve been making my own air freshener for a while now.  It’s super cheap, easy and better for you and the environment.

What I love about this spray is you can make it your own by adding your favorite essential oil.

Homemade Air Freshener Spray

4 oz. blue spray bottle
2 TBL. rubbing alcohol
20 drops of your favorite essential oil (I’m using a germ fighting oil right now since sick season is just around the corner.)
Add water to the rim and shake.

I love this healthy alternative to freshening a bathroom.

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