November 16, 2012 – Today was a travel day to our next stop in the adoption paperwork process.  In Guangzhou, Noah will get a medical exam and a TB test, his visa will be processed to leave China, and we have a US Consulate appointment where he will be sworn in as a US citizen!  It takes about five days to process this paperwork and go to these appointments.

Noah did really well on the two hour flight to Guangzhou considering he had never been on one.  He was not happy to wear a seatbelt, and since there are no car seats in China, he is used to moving about freely when travelling.

I’m not going to lie….yesterday was a tough day.  I think our whole family at different points in the day lost it.  Caroline was the loudest of us all, and had the worst meltdown I have ever seen.  I’m sure it was a combination of strangers constantly wanting to touch her, get in her face, and a schedule turned upside down.  I am so glad we are now in a city that she won’t be such an oddity.

Thank you all for your emails and messages.  I can’t say how much it means to keep in daily contact with you.  This is such an amazing time, but it is also tiring and stressful.  I am so glad that the kids, (especially the older ones) are able to experience this, but travelling in China with five kids is not easy.  If you happen to think about it today would you mind praying for our family?

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