they do what?!?

For Trey’s birthday we all went to the movies.  Now, going to the movies is a big treat for us.  The last time we went was four years ago, so yeah we don’t get out much.

Anywho, the big kids went to see Star Wars and the younger ones and I saw Coco.  As we were waiting for the movies to start in our separate theaters Trey and I were texting each other on the comfort of the seats, and I mentioned I might take a nap.  He said,” I should think so, they recline almost completely flat.”  To which I immediately replied, “They do what?!?  Tell me how!”  He told me where the recline button was located, and I was immediately transported into movie heaven.  The kids were besides themselves, reclining and taking off their shoes like they owned the joint.

So if you haven’t gone to the movies in a while, I highly recommend it.  They’ve come a long way baby!

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