img_20161101_135302266Last week was a crazy-busy kind of week, filled with dr. appointments and activities.  On Tuesday we headed out of town to a wonderful children’s hospital that specializes in caring for children with cerebral palsy.

We all feel (including Emily) like she would benefit from surgery to lengthen her tendons in the backs of her knees and ankles to give her more movement.  Her doctor also recommends cutting and realigning her left tibia bone.  This surgery is a big deal.  She’ll be in a double cast and wheel chair bound for 6-8 weeks.  After she heals, she’ll start rigorous physical therapy to basically learn how to walk again.  She also has scoliosis which will most likely be addressed once she has healed.

It’s a lot, but I think we (most especially Emily) are all excited at the prospects of her gaining more mobility and freedom.

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