they’re back


Remember at the beginning of the summer when I said we were taking a break from gymnastics?  Well, a certain little someone asked me almost every day this summer when she could get back in the gym.  I thought she would lose interest and move on.  She didn’t.  With the agreement that we would find a good gym that was closer to home we started gym shopping a few weeks ago.   We found an awesome gym with a wonderful reputation, kind coaches and close to home!  Caroline tried out for the compulsory team and made it.  She absolutely loves it and her first competition is in mid-November.  Shortly after, Katherine said she was missing gymnastics as well, but didn’t want to compete.   She’s now with a small group of girls who want to do gymnastics for the fun of it…which is perfect for her.  I think both of them are right where they need and want to be.

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