“she ate your tooth?”

I tell you what, there’s never, ever a dull moment around here!
Noah lost his first tooth last night, and you know how most kids put their tooth
under their pillow and the tooth fairy comes?  Our dog ate Noah’s tooth!
I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

(Fortunately, our tooth fairy doesn’t need the actual tooth in order to get money!)

celebrating family day


Noah’s been home and a Smith for 4 years today!
I love watching this little guy and his love for life.  His resiliency takes my breath away.
I love how he wakes up with a smile, and is always ready for a hug.
He’s such a delight and we’re so blessed that he’s family.

Happy Family Day Noah!

happy 6th birthday little man!


Noah is 6 years old today!


He loves art, so we spent the morning at a pottery place painting away.
He’s such a precious little guy and we’re so blessed to have him as a son, brother and friend.

fall soccer season 2016


Noah and Caroline have one game left of the fall soccer season.


It’s been fun and quiet entertaining to watch these two play soccer for the first time
and be on the same team.


They’ve really surprised us.
Noah has developed more confidence and is starting to go after the ball.


Caroline on the other hand, is pretty much fearless.
I think she enjoys going toe to toe with the boys.


Give them another season to figure out this game and watch out!

wordless wednesday


game on


Soccer season is in full swing and these two make quite the team.
They haven’t quite grasp the finer points of the game,
other than run after the ball and kick it…no matter what.

swimming lessons

IMG_9472  IMG_9493

Caroline and Noah had swimming lesson last week with Ms. Sara.
Caroline was in a big girl class with 9 and 10 year olds and did really well.

IMG_9479  IMG_9482

Noah made huge progress and he’s starting to swim now (a little) on his own.
So proud of these two, and I think they’re pretty proud of themselves as well.

wordless wednesday


“we have customers!”

IMG_20151203_194359679Every year we visit a small town near us that does Christmas up big. People come from all over to drive up and down the main street to look at the Christmas lights and decorations.  Headlights are turned off, windows are rolled down, and kids get out of their car seats,  (It’s wild and crazy!) and we all wish other cars and passersby a Merry Christmas.  I love it.  It reminds me of simpler times.

Caroline and Noah really got into it this year.  They wished everything that moved a Merry Christmas and they were so tickled when they received the greeting back.  At one point Caroline was messing around and Noah told her, “Caroline!  We have customers!”  And they screamed happily in unison at the poor soul. “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!”


IMG_20151207_072733132Noah had surgery on Monday.  We all feel pretty confident that this is the last one.  Our whole family is so thankful, but I know Noah is most of all.  This little guy has been through so much and is handling it so well.  He’s brave, sweet, kind and loving.

When he woke up from anesthesia he asked for Caroline right away.  And when we got home Nurse Caroline got right to tending to her sweet patient.

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