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wordless wednesday

noah the swimmer


Noah’s had a big and exciting week.  He spent the week at Ms. Sara’s swim camp
and finally learned to swim!  (Ms. Sara said it was just his year, everything clicked!)


We’re all so proud of him and I know he’s just as proud of himself!


IMG_20170615_152619965 -1

Noah, Katherine and I travelled last week for Caroline to attend gymnastics camp
at The University of Georgia.  While she spent long hours at the gym, we
had our own adventures.  (These Georgia Bulldogs are everywhere!)


We had fun at the pool.
(Let me just say, the pool was much appreciated as Georgia is hot and humid.)


We visited a animal habitat just minutes from the University that was shady, quiet and
free!  We were able to observe a bald eagle and some black bears up close.


We found the most amazing public park I’ve ever seen.
(And believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of parks over the years.)
Noah and Katherine has a blast make believing all kinds of fun kid things.
The three of us had a great time in Athens, Georgia without hardly spending any money.

reading buddies


Every evening I send the kids to their beds to read for 30 minutes before bedtime.
Tonight I walked into Noah’s room to find these two reading their Bibles together.
It makes this homeschool mama so happy to watch their love for reading and learning.

photo friday


I took this picture of Noah and Caroline last week.
I love how it captures who they are; full of life, energy and always on the go!

wordless wednesday


“she ate your tooth?”

I tell you what, there’s never, ever a dull moment around here!
Noah lost his first tooth last night, and you know how most kids put their tooth
under their pillow and the tooth fairy comes?  Our dog ate Noah’s tooth!
I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

(Fortunately, our tooth fairy doesn’t need the actual tooth in order to get money!)

celebrating family day


Noah’s been home and a Smith for 4 years today!
I love watching this little guy and his love for life.  His resiliency takes my breath away.
I love how he wakes up with a smile, and is always ready for a hug.
He’s such a delight and we’re so blessed that he’s family.

Happy Family Day Noah!

happy 6th birthday little man!


Noah is 6 years old today!


He loves art, so we spent the morning at a pottery place painting away.
He’s such a precious little guy and we’re so blessed to have him as a son, brother and friend.

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