state championships

IMG_7745Katherine’s state championship meet was this weekend.  She scored really well and qualified to compete in regionals (a meet that is made up of the highest scoring gymnast from 8 different states).  Sadly, she won’t be going.

About a month ago she hurt her foot pretty badly doing vault.  It was bad enough for her to have x-rays to make sure it wasn’t broken.  They cleared her, thought it was ok, just badly bruised and said it should be fine in a couple of weeks.  A month passed, she never really complained about it, but I could tell at practice she was favoring it and having a hard time running on vault.  We took her in last week to have it rechecked.  After x-rays and an MRI they found 3 stress fractures in her right foot and said that she would be in a cast for 4-6 weeks.  Her othropedist agreed to let her compete in this meet, but wanted her in a cast afterwards.

Watching her yesterday compete you never would have known that she was giving it her all on a broken foot.  But that’s who she is.  No matter what obstacles get in her way she always tries her very best.

her very best

IMG_7630We travelled out of state last weekend for Katherine’s gymnastics meet.  All I can say is, this girl rocked it!  She scored her all time best scores on beam and floor.

She’s recently started smiling for the judges.  I can’t imagine being on a beam, completing a routine and making it look easy by smiling!

Her hard work and determination is paying off.  Katherine’s coaches recently promoted her to the next level.  She’s really excited about learning new skills and working out more hours in the gym.  I love how she never gives up and always gives it her best.

february gymnastics meet #3

IMG_7354  IMG_7343

Katherine competed in her final gymnastics meet for February this past weekend.
Her first two events weren’t her best.  She fell off the bars, but still managed to get a 9.0.  She then went on to
beam and floor, did really well and scored her highest score on floor, placing 2nd!

So we’re done with meets for the next 2 weeks.  I think we’re all pretty excited about that, including Katherine!

february gymnastics meet #2

031 - 1

Katherine had her second gymnastics meet for the month this past weekend.
It was a huge event.  She did really well and beat her best all around score ever.


She placed 4th on bars with a score of 9.550 out of 10.
Katherine told me she’s really working to get 1st place.
(I have no doubt that she will do it.)

february gymnastics meet #1

IMG_6974IMG_6941It’s been busy lately.  Like really busy.  Some days I just can’t keep up with everything going on at our house.  Katherine has an out of town gymnastics meet every weekend this month.  So we’ll be living and breathing gymnastics it looks like.

Her first meet of the month wasn’t her best, although she tried her best.  (She always does.)  Her nerves got the best of her on the beam and it threw her off.  Some days are just that way!

throwback thursday


december gymnastics meet

IMG_5426  IMG_5431  IMG_5408  IMG_5477

Katherine had her second gymnastics meet of the season this weekend.
She did an awesome job and continues to improve in her skills, presentation and scores.

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


I took our three youngest to visit with Santa.  This Santa is extra special to us.
The year we brought Emily home from China we visited Santa and he spoke Mandarin Chinese to her.
He remembers us every year, and it’s become a special tradition to visit and see Santa.


It’s so sweet to see their faces light up and anticipate the coming of Christmas.

she’s back!

IMG_5131  IMG_5075  IMG_5136  IMG_5119

Katherine had her first gymnastics meet of the season after breaking her arm in March.  I’m simply amazed at
her determination and work ethic.  She did so well, and surpassed her best all around scores ever!

Way to go Kitty, keep up the hard work!

 IMG_5046  IMG_5086  IMG_5132

throwback thursday


They’ve grown up way too quickly!


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