wordless wednesday

she’s a teenager!

Katherine is 13 years old today!  She’s so excited and has been reminding us of this special day for quite some time.

When she opened her gifts this morning, she exclaimed, “This is the best day ever!”  And has been smiling from ear to ear ever since.

Happy birthday Katherine!  So glad this birthday was special for you!


Family is where life begins and love never ends.


IMG_20170615_152619965 -1

Noah, Katherine and I travelled last week for Caroline to attend gymnastics camp
at The University of Georgia.  While she spent long hours at the gym, we
had our own adventures.  (These Georgia Bulldogs are everywhere!)


We had fun at the pool.
(Let me just say, the pool was much appreciated as Georgia is hot and humid.)


We visited a animal habitat just minutes from the University that was shady, quiet and
free!  We were able to observe a bald eagle and some black bears up close.


We found the most amazing public park I’ve ever seen.
(And believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of parks over the years.)
Noah and Katherine has a blast make believing all kinds of fun kid things.
The three of us had a great time in Athens, Georgia without hardly spending any money.



Today we celebrate Katherine’s Family Day!
I remember holding her in my arms for the first time.  She was scared, sick and quietly
cried for 2 days straight.  Everything in my head told me I’m not sure we can do this,
but my heart already loved her fiercely and no matter what her future holds
she will always be with us, loved and cherished.

Happy Family Day Kitty, may you always know how much joy you bring us every single day!

thank you…I think

cookingWe were heading to gymnastics last week when Katherine starts to tell me about a show on Food Network that she likes watching.  It’s called the Worst Cooks in America.  They round up people that are horrible cooks, teach them a few cooking techniques and then they compete against each other to see who can turn out the most edible food.

Katherine then sweetly tells me that if I was on that show I would win.  (me) Awkward pause.  Thank you…I think.

(Kids, gotta love ’em!)

they’re back


Remember at the beginning of the summer when I said we were taking a break from gymnastics?  Well, a certain little someone asked me almost every day this summer when she could get back in the gym.  I thought she would lose interest and move on.  She didn’t.  With the agreement that we would find a good gym that was closer to home we started gym shopping a few weeks ago.   We found an awesome gym with a wonderful reputation, kind coaches and close to home!  Caroline tried out for the compulsory team and made it.  She absolutely loves it and her first competition is in mid-November.  Shortly after, Katherine said she was missing gymnastics as well, but didn’t want to compete.   She’s now with a small group of girls who want to do gymnastics for the fun of it…which is perfect for her.  I think both of them are right where they need and want to be.

wordless wednesday


happy birthday katherine!


We celebrated Katherine’s 12th birthday a little early this year at the beach.  (it’s become a tradition.)
And now it’s just expected.  Going to the beach?  Must be Katherine’s birthday!

Happy 12th birthday Kitty!  Hope this year is your best year yet!

10 beautiful years home

IMG_7238 - 1Today we’re celebrating 10 beautiful years that Katherine’s been home.   I get choked up just thinking about it.

This special angel needed us so badly but I truly believe we needed her so much more.  She’s a ray of sunshine every single day, and a blessing to us all.

Happy Family Day sweetheart.  May you always know how much you are loved and treasured.

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