hunter on a mission

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Hunter spent last week with a group of folks making major repairs on homes for families in need.  This was his 5th
summer doing this type of mission work, and he’s never been happier or more exhausted.

Every year he has spent it on the roof, either repairing or replacing them.  This year, he said he
wanted to learn a new skill, and spent the week indoors reframing and replacing flooring.

I always love to hear about his week on our drive home, what he learned, the people he met, and the lives he’s touched.
It’s easy to feel like one person couldn’t possibly make a difference, and make this world a better place.
(So glad he doesn’t feel that way.)


hunter 074Hunter just received a letter of acceptance into a very competitive Veterinary Technician program.  He’s been working really hard at getting all of his general education courses completed (with a 4.0 average) and working full time!

He starts the two year Vet Tech program this fall.  Congratulations Hunter, we are so very proud of you!

wordless wednesday


happy birthday hunter!


For Hunter’s birthday he asked for him and his girlfriend to be treated to a nice restaurant.
They came over beforehand and let me take a couple of pictures.  (Thank you guys)
Happy birthday Hunter!  May this year be as special as you are!

throwback thursday


They’ve grown up way too quickly!


hunter and horses

Hunter recently dog sat for a friend of ours who also happens to own horses.  One morning, he was watching the horses and they walked over to him.  He was immediately taken with them and wants one of his own.  (I’m not sure our homeowner’s association is going to allow that though.)


a good but tiring week


What a crazy busy week it’s been!
Hunter spent the week repairing a home for a family in need.
He came home worn out, happy, wiser and more thankful than when he left.


Caroline spent the week at Ms. Sara’s swim camp.

Katherine received clearance from her orthopedist to do gymnastics.
She did her first back handspring in over 3 months and was scared to death she
would re-brake her arm.  I’m so proud of her of her determination.


Emily attended chess camp this week, and won the tournament.
She loves this game!  I wish I understood it enough to play with her.


I spent the week shuttling little people around from one side of
town to the other, so when the temperature climbed over a 100 degrees one day
I had to take a picture.

2015 Congressional Award Gold Medalist

IMG_2692  IMG_2703

Hunter was presented the Congressional Award Gold Medal this week in Washington DC.
The Congressional Award started in 1979 to recognize initiative, achievement and service in young people.
It was pretty amazing to see young adults who are serving and accomplishing such great things.


Our senator and Chairman Paxton Baker presented his gold medal.


We are so proud of you Hunter.
Your work ethic and care for those less fortunate amazes us.

a boy and his dog


the ride of a lifetime

20150326_145722Hunter recently had the opportunity to be one of the first to ride the world’s tallest and fastest giga-coaster.  This thing is crazy big.  It reaches 325 feet, (that’s taller than the Statue of Liberty) and speeds of 95 miles an hour!

He said the ride is amazing!

(I like roller coasters as much as the next guy, but I think I’m getting too old to get on this one.)

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