peaches glorious peaches!

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We couldn’t help ourselves.
We headed back out to the farm and picked more peaches.


We picked a different variety that just came in season, and they look amazing!
And of course we had to sample some of their strawberry ice cream, just to make sure it was as delicious as last time.
It was.

IMG_9718  IMG_9707  IMG_9714

We devoured our last two pecks of peaches and made two batches of jam.
I’m hoping to freeze some this time, and enjoy them when peach season is long gone.

forever family

IMG_9611-1We celebrated Emily’s family day this week.  Can’t hardly believe she’s been home for nine years now!  We walked down memory lane this week…what she was like when we first met her, the foods she liked, her personality, funny stories, and touching stories of our first days together as a family.

We then celebrated at the restaurant of her choice, and visited a donut shop for dessert!  (Does it get any better than that?)

Emily has grown to be such a wonderful, thoughtful and intelligent young women.  We’re starting to talk about college and preparing her for adulthood.  Which seems kind of crazy considering she’s 13 years old, but she’s that gifted and that amazing.

We love you Emily.  We’re so incredibly blessed to call you our own.

chess camp

IMG_8915Emily attended chess camp this week.  She’s been going to this camp for a couple of years now and always learns a lot and has so much fun.

Today she came to the car holding a trophy and smiling from ear to ear.  They had a ranked tournament and she came in second place!

It’s so fun to watch her grow, mature and excel.



Happy 13th birthday Emily!

swimming with the stingrays

IMG_7552For Emily’s 13th birthday, we surprised her with a chance to swim with the stingrays.

To say she was surprised and excited was an understatement.  As we all know, Emily wants to become a marine biologist. So the more experience and knowledge that she can gain the better.

She even got to quickly touch a Bonnethead shark, even though she really wasn’t suppose to. (All in the name of knowledge!)

throwback thursday


chess tournament

IMG_20151114_122741188Emily competed in a 4 hour chess tournament this past weekend.  The game pictured lasted an hour, until the official finally called a draw.

She also played against a 7 year old who beat her in 15 minutes.  (This little girl came in from another state and has a high ranking, so it was really a compliment that they paired the two together.)

Emily came in 6th place for the day, enjoyed herself and learned a lot as well.

throwback thursday


They’ve grown up way too quickly!


wordless wednesday


our future marine biologist

IMG_3440Emily’s known for a couple of years that she would like to be a marine biologist some day.  Last year, she applied and was accepted into a program at an aquarium to shadow a marine biologist for the day.  Student have to write an essay, make good grades, and have a letter of recommendation to be considered for the program.  She learned so much last year that she knew she wanted to do it again if possible.

She applied, and received a letter back stating that they don’t normally allow students to participate in the program twice but would make an exception based on her essay and enthusiasm.

We’re so excited for her and her future!

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