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march gymnastics meet

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Caroline had her last gymnastics competition of the season before she competes at the State level.
She scored really well on beam and bars and placed 1st, 2nd place on floor, and it
wasn’t her day on vault and placed 8th.  She placed 2nd in the all around.

 So excited that we’re in the home stretch of competition season.
It’s exhausting, even for the spectators!

little but fierce

IMG_3332Caroline was recently selected for the TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program Search) at her gym.  TOPs is a USAG competitive program for gymnasts who are ages 7-10 years old who show talent.  She’ll have intense training this summer to build up her strength and flexibility and then compete against other girls her age state-wide and nationally.

This is a wonderful opportunity for her to grow as a gymnast.  She’s little, but she’s fierce!

february gymnastics meet #2

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We travelled last weekend for Caroline’s 2nd gymnastic meet of the month.  She did an amazing job
and finished 1st on vault, floor, bars, beam and 1st in all-around.  Her coaches say that she has a lot of
potential and keep pushing her to improve.  She’s thriving and loving every minute of it.

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february gymnastics meet #1

IMG_3233We travelled out of state this weekend for Caroline’s gymnastics competition.  She did an amazing job.  She placed 1st of bars with a score of 9.600, 1st of beam with a score of 9.550, 1st of vault with a score of 9.175, 2nd of floor with a score of 9.175, and she placed 1st in the all around.

She told us before the meet that she was going to try to get first place on everything.  We just smiled and said do your best.  This girl just blows me away when she gets her mind set on something.






january gymnastics meet

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We’re in full swing of gymnastics competition season.  This weekend Caroline had her first of two meets for the month.
She won first place on vault, third place on floor, and improved her overall score.  She was absolutely beaming
when she found out she won first place.  Before she went out on the floor she asked if I would say a prayer for her
when she got on bars.  Love that girl, and her sweet little competitive heart.

gymnast of the month!


Caroline loves her new gym.  It’s a huge gym with about 150 team members.
So when her coach told her she was voted gymnast of the month by the coaches we
were pleasantly surprised.  Her coach said that usually older team members get gymnast
of the month, but she was selected for her hard work, commitment and focus.

So stinkin’ proud of her!

eggnog lover


We bought eggnog this Christmas season for the kids to try.
I remember loving eggnog as a kid and couldn’t believe we’d never bought it for them to try.
Some of our kids turned their nose up at it, saying it was too sweet.
But our two youngest LOVED it and asked if they could have eggnog everyday!
(And naturally, in a fancy cup.)

caroline’s first gymnastics meet

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Caroline competed in her first gymnastics meet this weekend.  She enjoyed it, and did well too!  Her best score was
9.025 on beam (her favorite event).  Her team placed 3rd and her coaches awarded her the team banner for doing so
well on her first meet!

they’re back


Remember at the beginning of the summer when I said we were taking a break from gymnastics?  Well, a certain little someone asked me almost every day this summer when she could get back in the gym.  I thought she would lose interest and move on.  She didn’t.  With the agreement that we would find a good gym that was closer to home we started gym shopping a few weeks ago.   We found an awesome gym with a wonderful reputation, kind coaches and close to home!  Caroline tried out for the compulsory team and made it.  She absolutely loves it and her first competition is in mid-November.  Shortly after, Katherine said she was missing gymnastics as well, but didn’t want to compete.   She’s now with a small group of girls who want to do gymnastics for the fun of it…which is perfect for her.  I think both of them are right where they need and want to be.

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